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Cheek & Chin Push Up Sling: The facial Slimming Sling for shapely, youthful cheeks and chin

  • visibly lifts your cheeks and chin
  • makes your face look slimmer and smoother
  • works continuously, giving your chin a youthful V-shape
  • reduces the look of double chin and square jowls. 


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Cheeks and Jowls: Don't Let 'Em Sag! 

A young face has a sharply defined angle, about 90 degrees, from chin to neck. Older faces, by contrast, exhibit a loss of sharpness in that angle. It becomes more obtuse. With that sharpness gone, the attractiveness of the face is also gone.

With daily use of our Cheek & Chin Push Up Sling you will prevent the appearance of jowls and sagging skin under your chin—important for keeping your whole face attractive. 

Directions for use:

  1. Take out one Push Up Sling and remove the protective film.

    2. Place your chin on the middle of the Sling, pull sideways, and hook over your ears. Alternate method: Take a shoelace or string, thread through the sling’s openings, and tie the ends on the crown of your head.

    3. Leave the Push Up Sling on for 2 to 3 hours or overnight. You can re-use each Push Up Sling up to 3-7 times.

For more information see this page Avoid Those Sagging Cheeks and Jowls.

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Our Pushup Cheek & Chin Sling combines a state-of-the-art formula with natural extracts and essences to lift your cheeks and chin. It can make your face look slim and smooth, giving your chin a youthful “V” shape.

We strive always to deliver the safest, most effective products for you. Some details about our ingredients…Here’s the complete list:

Water, Glycerin, Sodium Polyacrylate, Croscarmellose, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Polyisobutene, Tartiac Acid, Juniperus Virginiana (Virginia Cedarwood) Oil, Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Oil, Illicium Verum (Star Anise) Oil, Aluminum Glycinate, Disodium EDTA, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate.

Let’s look at each in turn...

Water. We use carefully purified water for all our products. Result—a fresher product and a longer shelf life.

Glycerin. This is a clear, water-soluble, somewhat thick liquid that comes from vegetable and plant oils. Due to its molecular structure, it has the tendency to draw moisture from its surroundings. In cosmetics, we call such ingredients humectants. Glycerin can draw moisture from the air to the skin, where it hydrates and moisturizes. Glycerin also adds slip and lubrication to the product, helping you position it more easily. The Environmental Working Group—EWG for short—at www.ewg.org is an advocacy group for safer cosmetics) gives glycerin a danger rating of 1 out of 10—their top safest rating. 

Sodium polyacrylate. This is a very common thickening agent. It’s one of two agents in this formula used to help our product cling to your skin. Polyacrylates are long chains of neutralized acrylic acids. Amazingly, they can absorb up to 1000 times their weight in water! Here, they exert so much control over the purified water that you get the intense gelling action needed to make the face mask. The polyacrylate also interacts with moisture in the skin. This helps the sling adhere to your skin. This is where you get a good deal of the sling’s firming and lifting action, bringing other active ingredients in contact with your skin. Sodium polyacylate also gets a highly safe 1 out of 10 EWG rating.

Croscarmellose. This is a modified form of cellulose powder—wood pulp. It swells easily in water but doesn’t dissolve. It strengthens the sling physically to help lift and define your skin. Again, the EWG rating is 1 out of 10.

PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil. Castor oil by itself greatly benefits the skin. This castor oil has been modified to be more water-soluble—unusual for an oil. We wanted to include several plant extracts and oils in our formula. But oils don’t normally like to mix with water. This compound, however, makes other oil ingredients soluble. The EWG rates it 1-3 on a scale of 1-10. The variability results from a choice of vendors and purification methods. Rest assured that purchase our materials only from the most reputable suppliers.

Polyisobutene. This is a simple mixture of carbon and hydrogen atoms. We always strive for the best “skin feel,” so our customers find using our products a pleasant experience. Polyisobutene acts as an emollient, leaving the skin with a great after-feel. It also forms a temporary barrier on the skin, locking in moisture and nutrients delivered by the rest of the formula. EWG score: 1 out of 10. 

Tartaric acid. This is a natural Alpha-Hydroxy Acid (AHA) found in grapes and some other fruits. It acts as an antioxidant, protecting the skin against oxidative stress and the strain pollution puts on your skin. As well, it promotes hydration and gentle removal of the outermost layer of dead skin. This helps to reveal the fresher, more youthful skin underneath. The EWG rates it 1 out of 10.

Juniperus virginiana (Virginia Cedarwood) Oil. This great natural fragrance also helps firm up skin. Absorbed into the skin through our sling product, it also serves to reduce irritation and dryness, helping clear up any red skin patches of skin. EWG score: 1 out of 10.

Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Oil. This rosemary oil also has a delicious fragrance. Full of natural antioxidants that restore brightness and a rejuvenating quality to your skin, but it can help stimulate blood flow to the applied area. This can help the body more rapidly heal blemishes and nourish the skin. EWG rating: 1 out of 10.

Illicium verum (Star Anise) Oil. The last fragrance oils in the formula offers a prized, exotic aroma. Its EWG score: 1 out of 10.

Aluminum Glycinate. Glycine is a natural amino acid. Combined with aluminum, it acts as a mild astringent. This helps skin cells contract and draw toward themselves, pulling in loose skin and sculpting your chin. The EWG has not rated this compound, but it’s fully approved for cosmetic use.

Disodium EDTA. This is one of two ingredients designed to help keep the product fresh. It neutralizes metal ions that might enter the product. Result: a safer, longer-lasting product. EWG score: 1 out of 10.

Iodopropynyl butylcarbamate. This is the preservative for this product. Any cosmetic containing water needs a preservative so it doesn’t become overgrown with bacteria and mold, which would make it unsafe. We take the safety of our products extremely seriously. We chose this preservative as it is highly effective at keeping microbes at bay. The EWG rates it from a 3-6, depending on its use. We only use such ingredients in the minimum amount needed to guarantee your safety. The result is a product free from bacteria, fungi, mold, and yeast.

We do hope you enjoy our new offering!

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