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Venus Body Sculpting Cups

Cupping massage is great for general skin rejuvenation. And it’s ideal for scars, stretch marks and cellulite.

IMPORTANT: Our Venus Body Sculpting Cups are for use on your body only. Even the smallest cup is too strong for use on the face. If you’d like to experience the benefits of a cupping massage on your face, we have a cup specifically designed for the purpose…RejuvaCup. You’ll find our RejuvaCup’s smaller size ideal for your face.


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Product Description


    Our Cups are based on the “Fire Cupping” technique that has traditionally been used in Eastern Europe and Eastern Asia for treating bronchitis, colds and a range of other illnesses. However, they are much easier to use with the same results. No fire, no wick, nothing to burn! We use a simple pump to create needed air pressure. Instead of leaving the cup attached to your body, as in traditional fire-cupping, you’ll be moving the Cups along your skin to perform massage strokes, pleasantly rejuvenating your skin, making it smoother, more supple, and reducing any cellulite.

    Our Venus Body Sculpting Cups:

    • Are thick walled for durability and easier grip
    • The rubber bulbs are made from a high-quality natural rubber polymer which will retail elasticity even after regular long-term use
    • Each set has 4 sizes of cups, with inner diameters of 2.5 cm, 3 cm, 3.5 cm and 4 cm, allowing application on all parts of the body that can benefit from cupping massage


    Important: Unless your skin is already the picture of health, the first several times you use these cups on a new area of the body, there will be initial bruising. But this bruising should not be viewed as a negative. The resulting bruise, or hematoma, stimulates the body to start healing and renew the underlying tissues. And soon, new, healthier, more resilient capillaries will develop. For most people, after 5 or 6 treatments, there will be no more bruising, and just a few minutes (and later just seconds) of redness. After reaching this point, future cupping massage is for purposes of maintaining the stimulation and circulation of your skin and resilience of your capillaries. If you are not ready and willing to take charge of your health and accep that holistic treatments require such a period of adjustment or detox, please do not buy this product!

    Learn much more about Cupping Massage here...

    WARNING: Make sure you follow all instructions and warnings in the accompanying Product Manual before use!
Product's Review
    1. DELIGHTED! Review by J
      Product Rating

      I ordered, some time ago, the Venus body sculpting cup set, and I want to let you know how DELIGHTED I am with it. It has made a tremendous difference in the appearance of my skin, especially the thighs.
      Thank you so much Tonya, your products are awesome. I have so many, and I love them all!!! (Posted on 3/12/2018)

    2. Would buy again Review by Sonya
      Product Rating

      I have contemplated buying these cups for a long time. After I used them for few consecutive days I am very happy with the effect and wish I've bought them sooner!
      I started using the Venus Cups along with the RejuvaCup (that is designed for the face) and I feel both tools are doing a great job at rejuvenating the skin and massaging the underlying tissues. I have been using the cups on my tights and stomach. I haven't gotten any bruising but I did get a mild headache today (even though my diet is organic, clean and simple) and to me this is an indicator that some stored toxins have been released.
      I look forward to using the cups daily as the massage with them is very relaxing, pleasantly warming and even meditative to me.
      Thank you, Tonya, for making these Body Sculpting Cups available to us! (Posted on 8/19/2017)

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