This is a 5% liquid extract of dark propolis in shungite water. Water, cleansed by shungite, becomes activated or “living”—that is to say, it acquires antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This water propolis extract is suitable for external (any part of your body) and internal use. It has no known negative side effects.

CAUTIONARY NOTE to our customers: This is a much more concentrated solution of propolis than the Propolis Drops we offered several years ago. You will find that, in the first few seconds after application, this product gives a stinging sensation.

This sensation dissipates quickly, and with regular use you’ll notice the whites of your eyes—the sclera—looking whiter, making your eyes look more youthful. Unlike other products, this product will not dry your eyes. It has no known negative side effects. But if you cannot tolerate a few seconds of stinging, DO NOT BUY OR USE THIS PRODUCT!

NOTE: The manufacture date is listed on the bottle: DAY first, MONTH second. So 04/08/2020 means the 4th of August 2020.  Unopened bottle is good for 3 years. Still we encourage you to use up your Propolis Drops within 6 months of receiving them and within 1-3 months after opening the bottle. Remember, you can always use the Propolis Drops internally, as a supplement.

There are no known side effects.  There is no risk of overdose either. However, if you are allergic to bees or bee-products, do not use it.

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