IMPROVED! NOW with Rosehip Oil and Rosehip Powder.

In a herbal guide from 1563, the use of Rosehip Powder is mentioned as a remedy for strengthening gums.

If you like our Oral Balm, you'll love our new, 100% natural BrilliBright Remineralizing Toothpaste. No water, no preservatives! You’ll need just a little dab to alkalinize your mouth and freshen your breath. Your teeth will feel squeaky clean and look brighter, for sure. Give it a try and you'll never want to use a commercial toothpaste again.

Every ingredient in our new toothpaste has been carefully chosen for its well-documented germicidal and antibacterial properties against oral pathogens. Among these special antipathogenic ingredients: coconut, tea tree oil, and clove oils.

Ingredients: coconut (cocos nucifera) oil, kaolin clay (kaolinite), diatomaceous earth, calcium carbonate, rosa canina fruit (rosehip) powder, baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), Himalayan pink salt (Marin salt), tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) leaf oil, rosa rubiginosa seed (rosehip) oil, clove (eugenia caryophyllus) bud oil, cinnamon (cinnamomum zeylanicum) bark oil.

You can find more information about our new 100% natural BrilliBright: Remineralizing Toothpaste  here.

How to Use Your BrilliBright Toothpaste

  1. Use a very small amount.
  2. Brush your teeth for a full two minutes—not a second less!

Keep in mind: The main ingredient in BrilliBright Toothpaste is Virgin Coconut Oil. The consistency of coconut oil varies with temperature. It softens in warmer weather and hardens in cooler weather. For the best experience, keep your BrilliBright Toothpaste at room temperature.

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