Anti-Aging Vanilla Cream GLOW with Sea Buckthorn Oil, Plant Stem Cell Extract and Vanilla Oil (VANILLA SCENT)

The Beautiful on Raw Facial Cream contains a patented, sought-after and highly reputable ingredient called AQUAXYL™. Derived from natural sugars, AQUAXYL™ helps to hydrate your skin, improving water reserves and limiting water loss by realigning cutaneous water flow to better moisturize and strengthen the skin.

In simple terms, AQUAXYL™ creates a barrier through which the water in your body can not escape. It helps to defend your skin against external damage resulting from dryness, temperature or pollution.

  • Sea Buckthorn Oil nourishes dry skin
  • Apple Stem Cell Extract reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrnkles
  • "AQUAXYL" limits your skin's moisture loss
  • Vanilla scent creates a sense of calm and well-being

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